One of the most impactful things that VitaDAO contributors can do is refer a top project for evaluation.

It’s not just win-win, it’s double win-win:

  1. 🔬 The project receives funding
  2. 🧬 VitaDAO can advance its mission in longevity
  3. 🤸 The world can benefit from novel therapeutics going to market, enabling more accessible treatments for age related diseases, for a longer lifespan
  4. 💸 And you, the referrer, get paid

The Bounty 💸

For referrals to projects that are relevant to VitaDAO's scope, you can earn:

If the project is funded, the bounty increases by

If the project gets successfully exits as a spinout or is outlicensed, the bounty increases to:


For a detailed overview of funding eligibility criteria, please read governance proposal VDP-106

Tldr; relevant projects are aging research or longevity projects that: